Earth Care

Caring for all life systems so they can continue and multiply.


Permaculture works with natural systems, rather than in competition with them. It uses methods that have minimal negative impact on the Earth’s natural environment.

In everyday life, we could buy local produce, eat seasonal food, and cycle rather than drive. Its about choices we make, and how we manage the land. Its about opposing the destruction of wild habitats, and the poisoning of soil, water and atmosphere, and its about designing and creating healthy systems that meet our needs without damaging the planet.

Earth Care can be looked at as caring for the 'living soil.'  The state of the soil is often the best measure for the health and well-being of our society. There are many different techniques for looking after soil, but the easiest method to tell if soil is healthy is to see how much life exists there.

Our forests and rivers are the lungs and veins of our planet, that help the Earth live and breathe, supporting many diverse life forms. All life forms have their own intrinsic value, and need to be respected for the functions that they perform – even if we don’t see them as useful to our personal needs.

By reducing our consumption of ‘stuff’, we reduce our impact on the environment, which is the best way to care for all living things.